Proudfoot. London Dry-Style Gin with Garden Fresh Rosemary.

  • This upstanding bottle is a salute to Constable Proudfoot. Victorian vanquisher of vice and Little Lon’s long arm of the law.


    Would he have approved naming a gin after him? Even one with a provenance as impeccable as this? London Dry in style, full in flavour and loaded with juniper, it’s nutty aroma complimenting the pine and rosemary for a complex finish.


    Arresting flavours. We think the ol’ peeler would’ve approved. And gone for another round.



    Bursting with the scent of rosemary and pine the nose, this robust yet fresh Melbourne gin is full in flavour, with a jaunty heft to the juniper and a touch of pepper on the back palette. A gin for the gin lover, enjoy Proudfoot stirred down in a Martini or served in a G&T and garnish with a sprig of rosemary and lemon.

    500ml 42%ABV