Dutchy Thomas. Dutch Style - Whiskey meets Gin.

  • Let’s say ‘proost’ to Little Lon’s Hollandic hooligan, Arthur ‘Dutchy’ Thomas, full of swagger and Dutch courage.


    Would this drop have met his standards? This fine Dutch-style gin with its creamy, almost buttery, malty tones underpinning a citrus & juniper tang with a dash of ginger to tingle the palate?


    “Minjheer!” he’d have said,dancing a happy jig in his wooden clogs,“ I feel like the Flying Dutchman!”



    Dutchy Thomas is our take on the wonderful Dutch-style Gin known as Genever - the predecessor to London Dry Gin as we know gin today.

    Limited to just 60 bottles per batch, our favourite Dutch-style gin is wonderfully rich and malty undertones on the nose with a rather complex finish. With hints of chocolate, caramel, and liquorice, its creamy, buttery and at his finest on the rocks. Enjoy stirred down in a Martinez or as a replacement in other whiskey cocktails.

    500ml 42%ABV