500ml  |  42%ALC

Ginger Mick. Contemporary Gin with Fresh Ginger & Mixed Citrus

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  • Let’s raise this bountious bottle to Ginger Mick. Legendary larrikin and official bluey of Victorian Little Lon.


    Would he have approved of this lordly libation? This Genever-inspired nectar, with a bright bouquet of crisp orange, grapefruit and notes of ginger and juniper emerging tellingly on the finish. This bottle with his name on it?


    “I n’er met a bot’l tha’ di’nae ’av me name ’o it,” he’d probably have said. Suitably impressed.

    Tasting Notes:

    Bright and crisp citrus notes, bursting with the sweet and sourness of ruby grapefruit. A hint of ginger tickles the back palette, with a viscousness to round-out the mouth-feel. Savoury and smooth, Ginger Mick is best enjoyed neat and is wonderful hero’d in a Negroni or a Gin Old Fashioned.

    500ml 42% ABV