Mini 'Mick & 2 x FeverTree Tonics

  • Let’s raise this bountious bottle to Ginger Mick. Legendary larrikin and official bluey of Victorian Little Lon. Our 90ml mini bottle of Ginger Mick is the perfect way to sample our savoury citrus gin with a hint of ginger. Each mini comes paired with 2 x 200ml bottles of FeverTree Aromatic Tonic Water.


    Serving Suggestion:
    Pour over ice in a rocks glass, top with FeverTree Aromatic Tonic and garnish with a slice of fresh ginger and wheel of lemon, or slice of ruby grapefruit and sprig of fresh thyme.


    Tasting notes:
    Bright and crisp citrus notes, bursting with the sweet and sourness of ruby grapefruit. A hint of ginger tickles the back palette, with a viscousness to round-out the mouth-feel. Savoury and smooth, Ginger Mick is best enjoyed neat and is wonderful hero’d in a Negroni or a Gin Old Fashioned.


    ABV 42% | 90ml
    (Pour's three standard G&T's or two generous G&T's).