Mini Miss Yoko & 2 x FeverTree Tonics

  • Inspired by the Oriental Oomphess and seductress of Victorian-era Little Lon, our 90ml mini bottle of Little Miss Yoko is the perfect way to sample our luscious lychee-infused limited-batch gin. Each mini comes packaged with 2 x 200ml bottles of FeverTree Elderflower Tonic Water.


    Serving Suggestion:
    Pour over ice in a rocks glass, top with FeverTree Elderflower Tonic and garnish with raspberries or freeze-dried strawberries.


    Tasting notes:
    A wonderful nose of vanilla, baking spices and unmistakable lychee fruit. On second pass the fragrance of suppressed juniper and citrus tantalise the taste buds, with slightly sweet lingering lychee fruit to round the finish. Brings out raspberries when mixed with FeverTree tonic, or star her in your favourite sour.


    ABV 42% | 90ml
    (Pour's three standard G&T's or two generous G&T's).